Welcome to Beaudee! What’s Your Babe Type?

At Beaudee, we aren’t intimidated by hair. If you have thick hair, thinning hair, curly hair, textured hair, we can handle it. We just need to know what kind of hair we are working with!

To make it easier for you to communicate with your stylist about what kind of hair you have and what kind of hair you want, we’ve coined the following Babe types. 

Knowing your Babe type determines what services will be best for you, how long those services will take, and what kind of pricing you can expect.  It also helps your stylist prepare for your appointment so you can get the best, top notch glam service when you visit. Your Babe identifies for you and your stylist what kind of hair you have when you enter the salon.

Babe Type 1: Blissful Babe

Blissful Babes have natural hair that is fine to medium in density and no longer shoulder length. Blissful Babes do not have hair extensions… but they can!

Are you a wash and go kind of person? Do you have short hair because it’s easier to deal with? You’re craving a change, something a little different, but you aren’t ready to commit to extensions. Blissful Babes are no fuss; they like a pop of color, maybe a money piece, but nothing that requires intense maintenance or constant attention.

Blissful Babe

Babe Type 2: Beaudeeful Babe

Beaudeeful Babes have natural hair that is medium to thick in density and hits mid back or longer. Beaudeeful Babes can also have textured hair or extensions for volume, which requires specialty care. 

Looking to enhance the style you already have by just giving it a little more oomph? For this Babe type, we utilize extensions for additional fullness in the hair. Whether we are filling in finer areas, correcting a cut, or adding pops of color, a little volume can go a long way. Though we are adding volume and possibly color, this desired look matches the density of your existing hair without adding any weight, resulting in a natural Beaudeeful look. Extensions are installed using a single method.

Beaudeeful Babe

Babe Type 3: Beaudeelicious Babe

Beaudeelicious Babes have natural hair that is extra full in density and has texture that requires extra TLC in order to tame it. Beaudeelicious Babes can have a few clip-in extensions to add length and volume.

Do you have a wild mane, and you know it? For this package, we utilize extensions for additional length, volume, and possibly color enhancement. This desired look can double the density of your natural hair and create a fabulous, yet functional day-to-day style. Adding more volume and what we call “sexy length” puts you at the Beaudeelicious level, by far our most popular Babe type.

Babe Type 4: Bombshell Babe

Bombshell Babes have natural hair and clip-in extensions or temporary hair wear for length and volume. 

If you are looking to let your hair do the talking and feel like you are fresh off the runway every day, then this is the package for you! We utilize extensions to create a glamorous amount of length, volume, and color enhancement. This desired look can triple the density of your natural hair, creating an endless number of styling options, making this the perfect special event hair. Extensions can be installed using a single method or a cocktail of methods.

Congratulations, now you know your Babe type! You’ve just completed an essential pre-booking step. You need to know your Babe type when selecting a service at Beaudee Salon, so you are already well on your way. Take the next step and book your appointment so our stylists can unleash your inner Beaudee! 


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