Spray Tanning

Do you want to look your best for a special event, or are you looking for a weekly skin treatment to keep your skin feeling healthy and glamorous? Have it both ways with a spray tanning session with the licensed professionals at Beaudee! You might not know that only a small portion of the solution we use is the tanner; the rest is made up of moisture-dense ingredients that are naturally derived and good for your skin! Be kind to your skin with a spray tan that is comfortable to wear and has smooth, streak free results.

Original Solution
$15+ | Face + Neck
$28+ | Partial Body
$40+ | Full Body
Rapid Solution
$20+ | Face + Neck
$35+ | Partial Body
$50+ | Full Body



Original Spray Tan Solution

We offer 4 levels of sunless tanning solution Latte, Moka, Espresso and Hot Chocolate in our Original spray system. These tones & intensity levels are customized best for your skin tone. This solution will provide instant color from the cosmetic bronzer within the product but needs 12 hours minimum to properly develop with skin before rinse time.  Results lasting up to 7 days with proper maintenance.

Rapid Spray Tan Solution

We offer 4 levels of sunless tanning solution Cappuccino, Milkshake, Coco and Sugar in our rapid spray system. These tones & intensity levels are customized best for your skin tone. This solution needs 2-6 hours minimum to saturate before rinse time then the result will develop up to 24 hours later.  With results lasting up to 7-10 days with proper maintenance.

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Spray Tanning Tips



Partial Body Spray

We offer Original and Rapid sunless solution sprays in small sections of the body to even things out and to enhance where the sun normally does not shine. Partial is either Upper body including hands arms chest neck face everything about bra line or lower half everything below bra level.

Face + Neck Spray

We offer Original and Rapid sunless solution sprays for this face & neck section to enhance refresh contour balance this zones skin tone

Spray Solution Add Ons

We offer solution enhancing drops as an additive to your spray tan. Increase the DHA strength, bring in a gold or silver shimmer, add anti-aging vitamins and/or skin-firming extract additives to enhance and boost long lasting sunless tanning results. Double dip if you dare.


How should I dress to receive a spray tan?

You should wear something loose-fitting and black, along with nail paint. Steer clear of anything that might impede the absorption of products onto your skin, such as makeup, deodorant, or perfume. Wearing tight-fitting clothes and shoes (such as tights, socks, or boots) should also be postponed since they may rub off your spray tan and result in uneven effects.

What is the duration of time a spray tan lasts?

That varies. However, if you follow the proper skincare routine, a spray tan may last 7-10 days.

How can I extend the life of my spray tan?

Following your customized post care is ideal for longevity of a spray tan. Don'y forget the proper prep pre-tan to create the best canvas for the spray tan!

Before using a spray tan, when should I shave/wax?

All hair removal should be done before your spray tan. 

If you wax, it should be done 4-6 days prior to receiving a tan. You skin can't be raw or imbalanced. 

If you shave, you can shave 4-6 hours prior to your tan. Your skill will need this time to settle. Thoroughly cleanse any shaving aids and do not use moisturizer once finished. 

What should I avoid after getting a spray tan?

While your spray tan is developing, you should avoid

  • tight clothing
  • sweating
  • rain
  • activity that causes friction on the body
  • fabric bags & jackets that can cause uneven saturation during marination period

After rinsing your tan, avoid:

  • heavy detergent and astringents
  • hot baths
  • chlorinated pools
  • hot tubs
  • bodies of salt water
  • exfoliating scrubs
  • generally anything that could aid in the removal of a tan

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    Anti-Aging + Skin Firming

    +$5 each



    DHA Drops


    Shimmer Drops


    Double Dip



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